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Who is Crystal Knows Beauty?

Crystal Styles Cuthpert, founder of Crystal Knows Beauty, developed this business model out of an organic concern for consumers, their health, beauty, and overall wellness. The company got its name as a result of a comment often said after reading one of Crystal’s beauty advice columns printed in national publications. The excitement of changing lives is why Crystal travels as a Certified Trichologist performing scalp and hair analysis, in addition to inspirational motivation, to hundreds of consumers at workshops, expos and seminars globally. She realized quickly that her mission was much bigger than just talking to the public about their trichology concerns. Crystal believes, “people need to know that you truly care about them as individuals and want to help.” She embraces the effort of offering knowledge to those who are desperately seeking advice. She has even established the brand B’About Self Care supplements after realizing that she, along with many of those she gives advice to, needed extra nutritional support in order to keep up with busy and demanding schedules. She enjoys engaging in real-time contact with consumers; consumers who are hungry for knowledge, tips and education with hopes of motivating them to do a better job of caring for themselves. So, if you have beauty, health or wellness questions ask Crystal because Crystal Knows Beauty.